6D Expo Village


The 6D Exhibitors and Partners Village in the heart of the town of Aime is the place that all the competitors and their friends and family pass through. It becomes the event’s base camp for 3 days. It’s the departure and arrival zone for the 6000D 65km and it’s where all the competitors have to go to collect their bibs.

The village is where competitors and the general public get to chat to representatives from specialist trail brands as well as the event organisers and locals.  The prize giving takes place at the amphitheatre and there are live music concerts and processions to boost the festivities.

The village is a real centre for competitors and their families where entertainment, concerts, and artistic and musical processions take place throughout the day…


Thursday 26th July, 2018, 2pm - 6.30pm
Friday 27th July, 2018, 9am – 6.30pm
Saturday 28th July 2018, 9am – 6.30pm

By Kayak Club and Coeur de runneuse team

La 6D Récup 2018 on the village 6D Expo in Aime

The whole team of Paramedic Sport Events will welcome you from Thursday, July 27th, from 3pm until Saturday, July 29th, in the village of Aime.
You can find a team of masseurs-physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropodists at your service for pre and post-race care.
A team will also be at your disposal on Saturday 29 July in Plagne Bellecôte.
Do not hesitate to go to consult to prevent or cure the possible small bobos of the trailer!

2017 INFORMATION (coming soon for 2018)

* Brasserie des Cîmes

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* Jaguar - Land Rover

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* Brooks

Official outfitter of the 6000D for the 2nd year, Brooks is conquering the Trail market very fast. The american enterprise will show you the quality and the technicity of their products.

* Gatorade

Partner of the 6000D and supplier for the energetics beverages of the event.

* Cébé

Official supplier of the 6000D, Cébé will convince you to wear sunglasses in every situation.

* Dotvision

Dotvision, our tracking partner will propose you the possibility to have a live tracking for during your race, available for the 6000D and the 6D Lacs. 15€ if you reserve it by email booking@dotvision.com and 20€ if you take it on the 6D Expo.



* Bol d'air Jacquier, laboratoire Holiste

This 3 machines can ameliorate the efficiency of your breathing cycle, try it on your exhibitor’s village, under the doctor’s control.

* Cryotherapy

The mobile unit of cryotherapy will be present 3 days during the 6000D on the village of the 6D exhibition in Aime. The session of cryo at -150° is 30€. You can reserve on www.cryoencoora.net



* Intersport Bourg Saint Maurice

Discover the running and trail range of the store Interpsort Bourg Saint Maurice, textiles and accessories.

* Twinner Aime and Moutiers

Discover the running and trail range of the store Twinner –Moutiers and Aime), textiles and accessories.

* Activasport

Discover the running and trail range of the store Activasport (online store), textiles and accessories.

* One Way

Discover the running and trail range of the brand One Way, textiles and accessories.

* Décathlon

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* Crossfit Kintsugi

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* Naturo

Recovering smoothies with fruits and vegetables mix, and nutrition tips.

* Maca Pérou

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* Gruissan Phoebus Trail

Partner race of the 6000D, discover the trail of Gruissan next to Narbonne (south France) and all the Races of Gruissan Sports Events.

* Les Gendarmes et Voleurs

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* L'Ain Possible

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* Ultra Trail Côte d'Azur of Mercantour

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* Association ''Course Autour du Monde'' (race around the world)

Information and registrations for the 4 international raids organized by the association: Vietnam, Tanzania, Ecuador and Laos.


* Les Versants d'Aime

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* GSI Immoblier Agence de la Plagne

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