Environmentally-Responsible Event

Event review

More than a week after the 6000D, the environmental pace review can be done. Thanks to this concern the race obtained the "sportive events and sustainable development" label.

  • Waste sorting had success in the village at the gym (during meals) and at certain staging points (especially in village resorts).
  • The event's carbon offset, carried out by mountain riders research departement is available, click here Bilan carbone 6000D 2010

  • As far as carpool is concerned, 14 persons joined in the "Roue Verte" website and only one person rent a low-cost car via our partner "Car’go". However, we know many of you manage to organize some carpooling by themselves.
  • The whole organization team would like to thank you for respecting the different sites and for not throwing your garbage on the way.

We want to continue on this path and go further in our environmental approacht for the next edition of the 6000D.

Our environmental commitments


  • 6000d-Charte-DDCS-73Presence within the organizing committee of an environmental commission, which works for the development and insure the success of the initiative.
  • Work in association with the Forests National Office and the Vanoise National Park.
  • La 6000D gets the label "manifestation sportive et développement durable » from the DDCSPP Savoie. This label involve the organization to respect several commitments regarding respect of nature, responsible consumption and production, communication and raising environmental awareness, climate changes, social cohesion and solidarity, evaluation of environmental impacts.
  • La 6000D becomes the 1st French trail to realize its own carbon footprint made in association with Mountain Riders. This carbon footprint gives an estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from the event.
  • Composition of a well identified "green" team which will assure, throughout the event on the village, the respect for the environmental practices. It will be completed by a team of ecofinishers which will collect waste and tapes and will recycle them in every relay.

Transport :

  • 2 car sharing solutions :

1) The organization, in association with "la Roue Verte", creates a special car sharing website where you can register. More information on Covoiturage La 6000D

2) Car'go
our car rental partner, offers you an economical car sharing solution. Car rental starting from Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry and Annecy to reach the event with advantageous and tapering rates according to the number of person in the car. More information on Covoiturage Car'go

  • No media helicopter during the event replaced by the use of an electric drone allowing to take photos and air videos.
  • To move on the village, the organization will be equipped with electric bikes and electric segways, thanks to a partnership with Veleix et Mobilboard.


  • Installation of  dry toilets on the village of Aime. This type of toilet works without water and is thus environment-friendly.
  • No plastic cups on the whole event.
  • Distribution of reusable cups on the refreshment bar in the village of Aime against a 1€ deposit, which will be refunded if the cup is returned to the organization. This action is led with the support of the Conseil Général de la Savoie.
  • Use of biodegradable cups on all the feeding stations.
  • Installation of pre sorting rubbish bins for recycling (glass, plastic-metal-paper- recyclable packaging) in the strategic places on the event.
  • Installation of bins for the food waste, after all the meals on the event.
  • To limit the use of plastic bottles of water, several water fountains will be installed in Aime and in the feeding stations. Concerning the feeding stations where it is difficult to access, the only solution will be to supply individual bottles of water, but which must be recycled.
  • Implementation of explanatory signs for the selective sorting.
  • Installation of containers for worn batteries.
  • Information to the participants (runners, public and organization) on the waste sorting during the event.
  • Purchase of bulk food products to avoid packaging waste.

Communication :

  • Encouragement for online registration.
  • Offer the possibility to download the maximum of information (maps, useful information) on the 6000D website.

Environmental awareness:

  • Make sensitive the participants in the environmental problems:
    • Disqualification in case of waste throwing during the race.
    • To avoid an erosion of grounds, do not use a shortcut!
  • Awareness of the entire staff to hold an event with an environmental approach.
  • Information to the local population about the implementation of an environmental approach on the event through the municipal bulletins.
  • Give an ecobook to all the participants and the volunteers with a quiz on the environment, the fauna and the flora present in the Vanoise National Park.

Entertainment :

  • Friday 29th July in Plagne Center :Les Versants d'Aime propose un bar à eau, confection de pochettes à goûter.

Logistics :

  • Cleaning all the sites at the end of the trail, restoration of places and collection of the signaling system.
  • Limitation of the use of motorized vehicles.