Weather forecast

Weather forecast - Date : 27 July 2019


The clouds are numerous and hang slopes and peaks (local hillfog), often giving showers, sometimes with strong thunderstorms, specially in the afternoon. Thunderstorms will finish in the evening but moderate rains continue until the end of the night (snowflakes above 2800/3000 m).

Temperatures continue to fall, near 25 degrees at 1,000 m between,  15 degrees at 2,000 m and 8 degrees at 3,000 m. South or Southwest moderate winds, with gusts under showers.

Isotherm 0°C: near 3500m.



The sky remains very cloudy, with local hillfog on the slopes and peaks, and the clouds still give rains (snowflakes above 2,800/3,000 m). The weather will become dry in the afternoon. North-West moderate winds.

The temperatures, still falling, change at 1000m between 10 and 20 degrees, at 2000m between 8 and 11 degrees and at 3000 m between 1 and 5 degrees.

Isotherm 0°C: near 3200m.