Runners, volunteers, organisers and their sponsors are united in the same adventure and share the same values:


Rules designed for everyone and applied to everyone identically.
No cash prizes, but the same prize for all entrants and a Finisher t-shirt for all finishers.

Respect for people

Respect for yourself and others by not permitting cheating of any sort
Respect for the volunteers who are also taking part for pleasure
Respect for the local population who are hosts to the race
Respect for the organizers and their sponsors

Sharing and solidarity

As a priority, coming to the aid of anyone in danger or in difficulty.

Testing your limits

Learning to know yourself and to develop your autonomy in order to go commit yourself to the limit while respecting your physical and moral integrity.

Respect for our planet

Never throw anything on the ground.
Respect the flora and fauna.
Don't cut corners as this causes damaging erosion.
Favour using public transport and car sharing for yourself and your supporters.