Friday, July 24th 2020


The 6D Verticale is organised by the Tourist Office backed by the municipality of Macot la Plagne and the Société d'Aménagement de la Plagne.


The 6D Verticale is a hill climb for all levels of runner (beginner, intermediate or experienced) so that everyone can participate in the great 6000D weekend.

The 5 km climb with 1000 m vertical rise leaving from La Roche (Village of Olympic Bobsleigh track ) will take you up to the top of the Grande Rochette above Plagne Centre.

Medical certificate or license compulsory for the registration

Entry conditions

To take part, it is essential
- that you are fully aware of the length and specific nature of the event and are fully trained for it
- that before starting the race you have achieved an effective level of autonomy enabling you to deal with the problems inherent in this type of event, notably:

  • the ability to tackle weather conditions that can be very difficult because of the altitude (night, wind, cold, rain or snow) without outside assistance
  • the ability to cope with the physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small injuries...

- that you are fully aware that it is not the organisers' role to help competitors deal with these problems
- that you are fully aware that in such "nature" events, safety depends on a competitor's ability to adapt to problems either encountered or anticipated.
This race is open to anybody, male or female, born in or before 2003 (cadets to veteran 4 categories), licensed or not.

Veterans 4 : 1941 to 1950
Veterans 3 : 1951 to 1960
Veterans 2 : 1961 to 1970
Veterans 1 : 1971 to 1980
Seniors : 1981 to 2000
Juniors : 2001 to 2002
Cadets : 2003 to 2004

INFORMATION: minimum age for 6D Vertical is 16 years (2004)


Scratch: 1st, 2nd and 3rd - Women and Men

Medical certificate or license

Mandatory at registration with mentioned: Does not reveal any contraindication to the practice of running or athletics in competition.
This joins(contacts) a certificate to be downloaded to give him(it) to your doctor if you wish

la6000d pdf  Download a medical certificate for the 6D Verticale 2019

Acceptance of the race regulations and charter

Taking part in the 6D Verticale implies unconditional acceptance of the race regulations and charter published by the organisers and available for consultation on
A large number of rubbish bins are placed around each food station and must be used.
The marked paths must be followed without cutting corners as this causes erosion which is harmful to the site.

Maximum number of runners

Limit to 250 Runners

Cancelling an entry

Any cancellation of registration must be made by mail with a joined medical certificate.
No withdrawal is registered by e-mail, phones or fax.
The cancellation must be made before Friaday, July 24th, 2020 (in the daytime of the race).
The amount of the refund will be 50 % of the prize.
No refund will be made before the end of August, 2020.
No bib numbers can be exchanged (between races or competitors) and no resale is allowed.
Piece of identity required for the withdrawal of the bib and individually.


Hiking poles are allowed

N.B. It can be very cold at high altitude!

Strongly recommended

  • a minimum reserve of 500ml of water
  • food reserves
  • mobile phone (recommended)


Bibs are handed out individually to each runner. Anyone who has entered before the end of June 2019 will have their first name printed on their bib, ID card required.
Bibs must be worn on the chest or stomach and must be fully visible at all times during the race. It must therefore be worn outside all clothing and must not be attached to a backpack or a leg.

The sponsors' name and logo must not be modified or hidden.
You must bring your own safety pins to attach your number in accordance with the regulations.
Bibs will be distributed in Aime Friday and saturday of the race in la Roche at 3.30pm

Safety and medical assistance

There will be 1 first aid posts set up at various points along the course. These posts will be in radio or telephone contact with race HQ. 

A regulation medical team will be at race HQ in Aime or Plagne Centre throughout the whole event.
The first aid posts are there to assist anybody in danger, using the organisers' own means or those of the public health service.
It is up to a runner who is in difficulty or seriously injured to call the rescue service:

  • by going to a first aid post
  • by calling race HQ. The phone number will be registered on the bib's number
  • by asking another runner to alert the rescue service

It is up to each runner to assist anyone in danger and to alert the rescue service.
Remember that all sorts of unexpected weather or race related occurrences may result in you waiting for rescue longer than expected.
Your safety will therefore depend on the quality of what you have with you.
A runner calling a doctor or a member of the rescue service subjects himself de facto to their authority and undertakes to accept his decisions.
Members of the rescue service following medical advice and the official doctors in particular can:

  • retire any runner incapable of continuing in the event (by cancelling the number)
  • evacuate by any means at their disposal competitors they consider to be in danger.

Check points and food stations

All runners must pass through the 2 check points, 1 food station (food and water) and 1 water station in Plagne Centre. (See technical information table).
Only runners wearing a visible number and who have been duly checked will be allowed into the food stations.
The table of race technical details will show an exact list of the food and water stations and first aid posts.

Maximum time allowed and latest check out times

No time limit.

1 time limits : 5.30pm at Plagne Center are calculated to allow runners to reach the finish in good physical condition. To be allowed to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the set time.
Any competitor withdrawn from the race who wishes to carry on can only do so after handing in his bib and on the understanding that he does so under his own responsibility
In case of bad weather and/or for safety reasons, the organisers reserve the right to stop the event, change the route or to change the time limits. 


Only competitors can use the showers at Plagne Centre on presentation of their ticket.

Retirement and getting back to the start

Except in case of injury, a competitor may not retire other than at a check point. He must notify the person in charge of the check point who will cancel his number.
The return trip will be decided with the person in charge of the checkpoint according to the following general rules:

  • Runners who retire at a first aid post or food station, but whose state of health does not require them to be evacuated must get themselves to the nearest return point by their own means and as quickly as possible.
  • In the case of food stations or first aid posts that can be reached by car or 4-wheel drive:

- when the post closes, the organisers may take runners who have retired and are still at the post back to the start, if they have the means to do so,
- when unfavourable weather conditions justify the partial or total stopping of the race, the organisers will ensure that competitors who have been stopped are taken back to the start as quickly as possible.

If a competitor abandons and meets the sweeper, he will cancel the bib. The runner is then no longer under the organisers' control.


Race stewards on the course and people in charge of checkpoints and feeding stations are authorised to enforce the regulations and to impose immediate disqualification in case of infringement, subject to the following rules:
Automatic disqualification will be applied in the following cases:

  • If you are out of time at a time barrier you will also need to return your bib to the postmaster or race director
  • Refusal to pass through the start to activate the electronic chip
  • Cutting a corner to make a major shortcut
  • Dropping litter (deliberately) by a competitor or a member of his entourage
  • Lack of consideration for individuals (officials or runners)
  • Not assisting someone in difficulty
  • Cheating (example: using means of transport, sharing a number ...)
  • Failure to carry an electronic chip
  • Failure to pass through a checkpoint
  • Refusal to comply with an instruction from race management, a race steward, the person in charge of a checkpoint or feeding station, a doctor or a member of the rescue service
  • Refusing a drug test
  • Leaving a checkpoint outside the time limit
  • Any other infringement of the rules will incur a sanction to be decided by the race jury

Drug testing

Any competitor may be subjected to a drug test during the event or at the finish. In the event of refusal or non-compliance, the athlete will be sanctioned as though he had been convicted of drug-use.

Alteration to the course or the time limits / cancellation of the race

The organisers reserve the right to alter the course and location of the first aid posts and feeding stations at any moment and without notice.
Should the weather be too bad (heavy rain or snow at altitude, high risk of storm ...) the start may be delayed.
In case of bad weather and for safety reasons, the organisers reserve the right to stop the event, change the route or alter the time limits.
In case of cancellation of the event for all causes, no refund will be possible (a possible postponement of part of the registration fee may be considered for the following year)


Public liability:

The organisers hold public liability insurance for the duration of the event. This public liability insurance covers financial loss for which they, their officials and the participants are responsible.

Individual accident:

Each competitor must hold personal accident insurance that covers possible search and rescue costs in France. This insurance can be taken out with any organisation the competitor chooses.
Diot Montagne insurance is a partner of the 6000D and their Impact Multisports insurance provides specific cover for all sports activities.
The policy is offered either by the day or for the whole year depending on the package chosen and provides cover that fulfils your legal obligations and is valid all over the world.
For 3.20€ per day or 51€ per year (individual) / 112€ (family), you will benefit from the following principal cover : (price 2014)

  • Search and rescue costs including helicopter transport;
  • Repatriation costs;
  • Public liability relating to sport (in addition to or replacing existing personal policies);

You can see the full cover at le pdf.

To subscribe on line (secure payment):

Road book: technical information table

The table can be downloaded from the web site. It includes plans of the course and useful information such as time limits, locations of food stations, first aid posts, and treatment stations. Supporters can watch the runners at the places shown in the Road Book.

Classifications and prizes

In the 6D Verticale, only those runners who reach the finish at the top of the Grande Rochette will be classified.

  • No cash awards will be given.
  • The first fhree men and women in the general ranking will receive a trophy and prize.
  • A large number of prizes will be drawn.
  • All the results will be on line at

Image rights

According to Article L333-2 of the Sports Code, "the organizers of sports events [...] are the owners of the right to use the events or competitions they organize."

The participants are informed that the association of the Tourist Office of the Big Plagne, holder of the rights of exploitation of the different races 6000, can be led to photograph and / or film the event in order to promote the future competitions . This shooting can be done by flying over the Phantom2 studioSport remote-controlled aircraft on the courses of the different races.
The image of the participants captured during the event can be freely distributed by the OTGP, subject to
• there is a link between the image and what it illustrates
• the image does not affect the dignity of the person
• this distribution is not made for commercial purposes.

The 6000D is a legally registered trademark. Any communication about the event or the use of images of the event must be done in accordance with the name of the event, registered trademarks and with the official agreement of the organization.

No photo sale of the event of the 6000D can be made without the approval of the Clerk of the Course.