Modification of the dates of the 2019 edition due to the passage of the Tour de France

Live tracking

The 6000D radio on 100.7 FM

From 26th to 28th of July 2019 follow the atmosphere of the village,
concerts, conferences but also evolution
in real time the race on the radio

  the most trail of the summer.
You can also listen online !

* Using GPS to follow the 6000D in real time with the DotVision® (tracking system)

DotVision is 10 years old of experience in the Live tracking then try DotVision at once with 2 solutions to the choice:

 apli dotvision                                         visuel

1/ Tracking rental

As specialists in GPS tracking during outdoor sports events, we are proposing to monitor you in real time during the race! Take our DotVision® GPS tracking device with you and you will appear on our interface to the delight of your friends and family who will be able to come and cheer you on at different points of the course or on Internet !
We will be present in 2017 for the 6000D.
You can pick up your tracking device from the DotVision® stand in the 6000D village in Aime.

To reserve this service, email http://bit.ly/Shop6000D18
Cost of the service: 15€ if you book before the race / 20€ on site
Deposit for the tracking equipment: passport or cheque

Find the Replay 2016 and 2017 on : http://bit.ly/2Iw9QFq

2 / Live tracking on your Android phone :

The application allows you to track you on a race with your mobile phone (Android). You are both followed by your friends but you also have the possibility to compare yourself with other riders in real time.
Add a digital dimension to your race using the new mobile application "DotVision Motion".

a- Download the "Dotvision" app on the Store

b- Purchase an online tracking activation code

c- Start your application before the race and leave with peace of mind. You will share your adventure with your loved ones.

For Mobile App tracking: http://bit.ly/Shop6000D18

* You can follow the races in real time at the following check points :

By clicking this link: (link communicated before race)

* Rankings and video Finish 6000D in Aime and 6D Lacs in Plagne Bellecôte on

By clicking this link

* Share your 6000D on Facebook

You can let your friends follow you live on Facebook at all the check points.
If you register for the 6000D, in mid-July we will be emailing you the instructions you need to sign up for this function and write your personalised message which will be posted when you go through each check point, along with your times and ranking.
Don’t forget to add ‪#‎6000D to all your photos and messages on the social networks!


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