Personalized training plan

Prepare for your race in the best possible way with RunMotion Coach’s personalized training plans!

From July 25 to 27, the 6000D offers 6 different race formats, from 5 km to 69 km. Each race will take place against the backdrop of the French Alps in the ski resort of La Plagne. Good preparation is essential, because whether you want to reach the finish line or simply enjoy the moment, you will have to tackle the climbs and descents on each route.

To be successful in these races, special training is required. A structured training plan with sessions adapted to your schedule and training environment (city, road, hill, mountain, etc.) will be essential to help you reach your destination.

The Alpine-based company was founded by world-class coaches and athletes. RunMotion Coach is the leading French coaching app with more than 500,000 users. The app offers structured training, up to 6 months before your race, with units adapted to your goals.

To optimize your preparation, the premium version of RunMotion Coach allows you to recalculate your plan every week, depending on your schedule and fitness level. You will find specific advice for trail running, mental preparation and nutrition tips.

With the Premium version you can also add workouts for physical preparation. You will be entirely guided by our new special player. If you know how important it is to build your muscles for the competition trail running, there’s no excuse to miss it!

The app is compatible with Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros, Wahoo, Apple Watch and Strava and

Adidas Runtastic GPS watches.

Take your chances with a customized training program and advice from the official coach of the 6000D: RunMotion Coach.

The expertise of RunMotion Coach lies in its scientific approach and the unique opportunity it offers to interact with a virtual coach.

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