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The 6000D, a legendary race and the first of its kind, is still considered a challenge by most trail runners. Climbing from the apple orchards up to the glacier is a real feat!

From Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 July 2023, with 6 sports races and 2 children’s events in 3 days, the 6000D is the real highlight of summer in La Plagne. After more than 30 years of existence, it is an essential race in the Trailers’ agenda and many people take the opportunity to come and discover the region when they come to the 6000D. This organization is of course only possible with the help of no less than 250 to 300 volunteers to make this event a real celebration, and give an almost incomparable atmosphere on a race of this dimension of France. Volunteers become over the years a family, which we like to find each year for 1, 2, 3 days or even a week for some. The missions entrusted to the volunteers are diverse and varied but are mainly concentrated along the route on the supply, signaling and control points, but also on the runners’ gifts, catering points … we are sure that everyone will find their place. in this big family.

Applications are now open, you can register as a volunteer for the 33st edition of the 6000D 2023

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